Home Automation

Home Automation


Home automation is all about simplifying your lifestyle.

Have you ever considered controlling your whole house audio, lighting, heating, and more from any location in your home with a handheld remote control?

We’ll set the scene: You want to watch a movie with the family. You press one button on your touchscreen remote control and several commands are sent out simultaneously. Your flat panel TV, home theater audio, and media server all fire up and the lights dim to a preset level. Now you simply select the movie you want to watch, and you’re all set.

One touch is all it takes.


Jerry is incredible! He never ignored a call and he either answers the phone or calls you right back. Jerry has innovated products and ideas to help with your specific needs. Spends time training and he truly loves his job and the people he services. Jerry is one in a million and i would recommend you use this man. He is worth waiting for.

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